History of ISA Will-DuPage

Prior to it becoming a section, ISA Will-DuPage was a subsection of the Chicago Section. This was born out of the strong industries in the Joliet and Naperville area. In July of 1991, the Will-DuPage Subsection Board was formed at a meeting taking place at Amoco Research Center (now BP): Jim Hopkins of Pinnacle Sales as President, James Leslie of Amoco (now BP) as Secretary, Dennis Walling of Amoco (now BP) as Vice-President, Gary Hartshorn of Quantum Chemical (now LyondellBasell Industries), Brian Goedke as Society Delegate of Quantum Chemical (now LyondellBasell Industries) and Mike Grabowski as Treasure of Quantum Chemical (now LyondellBasell Industries).

On February 13, 1992, the Will-DuPage Section became an official Section of Instrument Society of America (now The International Society of Automation). Times have changed, even company names, but the mission of the section has stayed the same, “To educate the members.”

In Memory of Frank Brogan

Frank Brogan

Frank Brogan was a dedicated member of ISA Chicago and ISA Will-DuPage. He was an integral part and invaluable to the Section’s success and what it has become today. Sadly, Frank passed away on March 17, 2020, but his legacy lives on within this organization every day. We will forever be grateful for the dedication, commitment, and passion he brought to this Section and the ISA organization.